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PRO Insect Trap

PRO Insect Trap

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Get rid of those unbearable flies 

For their stables, farms, stables and their personal gardens 

Definitely say goodbye to flies 

You are aware that flies are a daily plague! 

You, your children, your family, your friends, your pets, your horses, your cattle and other farm animals ... We are all bothered by these flies!

FREE yourself from them once and for all,   easily, simply and with INCREDIBLE EFFICIENCY.



The flat fly is really unpleasant:

  • It stings : animals or men, no neighborhood!
  • It agitates animals : in farms, its presence is a real nuisance for resting animals. Cows, sheep, horses ... will be particularly annoyed by its bites.
  • It transmits diseases: the anthrax transmits the virus of equine infectious anemia and certain fevers. For humans, it is above all synonymous with pain.



HIGH EFFICIENCY : Attracted by the bait, flies pass through the cone of the funnel which allows them to enter but not to exit. When the flies are inside the net, they are trapped and cannot get out.


ECOLOGICAL: Safety and environmental protection, no need for chemicals or toxic substances, just your homemade mixture is enough. 

To bait flies, just put some of what they like in the tray. Expired food, leftover meals, old bait for fish, overripe fruit, fish, for example sardines or tuna, excrement etc. 


REUSABLE: When the trap is full or you simply feel that there are too many flies, you can empty it for reuse and / or clean it as you wish.

Just flip the funnel cone and vacuum or shake them! Many of our customers then use them as excellent snacks for their fish, chickens or other farm birds. 



Here are the best guidelines after observing and experimenting with our clients who have had impressive results:

The location of your fly trap is essential. Finding the “sweet spot” will usually be the result of several attempts. 

We recommend that you place your fly traps in sunny and warm places for a few hours of the day. 

We do not recommend placing the trap (s) inside the boxes of your horses as they can see the trap as a manger and destroy it or eat its contents! 

Instead, we suggest placing traps around fences near paddocks or fields where your horse can graze for long hours on a hot summer day. 

Excrement carts, manure heaps, just outside the stables , the barn, etc. are also privileged places where the trap will be effective. .

I STRONG: DO NOT HANG beyond 1.50m, the majority of flies do not fly higher than that! 



PRO Insect Trap

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