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Ice making device

Ice making device

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An easy way to make and serve clean ice cubes . Fill and freeze! Your ice cream can be served without touching it.

This device eliminates ice cube trays through space-saving design and easy-to-use technology. Enjoy 18 large, slow-melting 3 * 3 * 3CM ice cubes from the airtight container anywhere without bad-tasting freezer smells.


  • Made from food-grade BPA-free rubber and plastic and 100% non-toxic - safe for you, your family and friends. In addition, this device is super durable and dishwasher safe , so you never have to replace it! Chill one of your favorite drinks - whiskey, craft cocktails, juices, iced coffee or water!

  • We have developed a thermo-effective container that keeps the ice cool to room temperature when closed. The brand new design of our rounded ice takes MUCH longer to melt due to its surface to volume ratio.

  • Enjoy the freedom to bring your ice cubes with you wherever you go. With this device you get the unique new function to take your ice cubes with you wherever you go. Thanks to the waterproof construction, this device stays frozen longer and even melt water does not leak . Bring 2 or 4 on picnic or day trips, and you'll have frozen ice cubes all day (+12 hours in a cooler bag).

  • We have designed a cool bag especially for this device !

  • Made with a built-in table top so you can safely put your glasses on it - even when you're in the middle of a park or relaxing in the beach sand.


  • Color: blue

  • Size: 25 * 15 * 10CM

  • Weight: 400G

  • Materials: rubber and plastic

  • Package: 1 * one device

Ice making device

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