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The Turn-it!

The Turn-it!

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Stop wasting food

Put an end to the annoying scratches by rummaging through the blades of your Thermomix's mixing bowl and quickly remove up to 90% more of the remaining food that stubbornly sticks to the bottom of the mixing bowl compared to conventional silicone spatulas.


BPA-free and environmentally friendly

The Turn-it! it is slice of plastic but is reinforced with glass fibers to ensure that it is 100% BPA free.

This being the case, parents around the world can prepare food for their children without worrying about contaminating it with BPAs.

The Turn-it! meets the legal guidelines for food contact and has been certified accordingly by an independent testing institute.

It saves you money

The Turn-it! it fits perfectly between the knives and has the same shape as the wall of your Thermomix mug. When you use it, it rests on the axis of the agitator, facilitating rotation and collecting up to 90% more of the mixture in the jug compared to the silicone spatulas.

Heat resistant

Our patented formula is heat resistant, so you don't have to worry about it getting warm when you use it.

Works with your Thermomix

The Turn-it! works with the Thermomix TM6, TM5 and TM31.

Developed in Germany

The Turn-it! was developed in Germany taking into account the leading standards of the manufacturing sector.

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The Turn-it!

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