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ClearGlass ™

ClearGlass ™

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Reach every window indoors and outdoors effortlessly

Cleaning windows is a hell of a job. Especially with the tallest windows and the outside. Often you have to rely on way too expensive window cleaners. 

The Clear Glass  Window Cleaner is specifically designed to easily and quickly inaccessible windows clean.

With the ClearGlass ™ Window Cleaner you are always assured of a crystal clear and streak-free result, both indoors and outdoors!

Every window within reach

The ClearGlass  Window Cleaner is the most flexible window cleaner you will ever find. Effortlessly polish all your high-altitude windows thanks to the long flexible handle.

Thanks to the unique hinges, the ClearGlass  Window Cleaner easily enters all previously impossible corners. For example, make a handy U shape; stay safe inside while the ClearGlass  Window Cleaner on the outside effectively does all the cleaning for you!

Cleaning brush and window wiper in one

The ClearGlass  Window Cleaner has a 2-in-1 effect. On one side of the window cleaner is a professional brush . On the other side of the ClearGlass  Window Cleaner is a window wiper .

This allows you to remove soap and cleaning residues with one operation, without taking down the brush. All this makes for streak-free and clean windows.

A real all-rounder

The ClearGlass   Window Cleaner is a real all-rounder. It is not only suitable for windows , but also for other smooth surfaces such as : Floors, ceilings, kitchen cabinets and cars !

Thanks to the length (total stem length 175 cm) and flexible corners , you can reach everything. Even cleaning on top of your kitchen cabinets becomes a breeze.

Get the ClearGlass  Window Cleaner at home today and enjoy a brilliant crystal clear and streak-free result!

All Advantages

  • Thanks to the flexible handle, you can reach all windows (length: 175 cm)

  • Perfect for apartments and high-rise buildings

  • For all hard to reach places
  • Also suitable for other smooth surfaces, such as floors, ceilings and cars

  • Brush and window wiper in one; guaranteed shiny and streak-free result

  • The ClearGlass  cloths are machine washable !

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    ClearGlass ™

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