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Sexy thigh band ™ (Today only: 2 bought 1 free)

Sexy thigh band ™ (Today only: 2 bought 1 free)

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  • S + M + L
  • M (52-60 CM)
  • L (58-65 CM)
  • S (47-55 CM)

Feel confident in comfort!

Move freely and confidently and do what you want without fear of irritating your thighs.

Protect your skin from the discomfort of itchy legs and keep those beautiful thighs and skin soft with  Sexy Thigh Band . A superior quality expander, delicately comfortable and finely designed , mainly in spandex, guaranteed against falls and which remains in place thanks to two rows of non-slip silicone.

Main advantages:

  • Protects your skin and allows you to move freely  without suffering from skin-to-skin abrasion
  • Perfect to wear under dresses, pants and any other garment
  • No pocket? No handbag? It can also be a pocket for storing your essential products such as lipstick or a certain amount of money.
  • Sexy and comfortable. The micronet and lace design makes it very sexy.
  • Perfect for everyday use 

Instructions :

  • Just wear  Sexy thigh band on your thighs

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ONLY TODAY: bought 1 free  !  All colors and sizes can be combined. PLEASE NOTE: While stocks last.

Seller warranty:

Don't hesitate to try Sexy thigh band ™. If you don't absolutely like it, you can return it within 90 days and you will receive the full amount you paid without stress! Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we look forward to meeting your needs!

Sexy thigh band ™ (Today only: 2 bought 1 free)

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